Stone Sourcing and Setting

In the course of an item of jewellery being worn, it can face damage beyond the usual, minor scratches, and diamonds or other precious stones can fall out of their settings.

Though there are ways to reduce the chance of this occurring (such as taking your rings off when gardening or washing up) sometimes it is unavoidable and simply a result of jewellery being worn for an extended period of time. Should you find yourself in this situation, bring the item in store and we can supply and set a new stone.

We will ensure that the quality of the stone matches that of any other gems in the ring, and will also check all settings to make sure they are secure. If we have concerns about the setting, we will advise you as to the best course of action to make sure your ring is safe to wear.

Of course, stone setting is not only required as a result of damage; sometimes you may want to refresh an existing piece of jewellery by setting stones into it or by changing any already set in the ring. We can advise on the best options for you and discuss what is possible, along with tailoring options to your budget.

The National Association of Jewellers and The National Pawnbrokers Association

We are members of The National Association of Jewellers and The National Pawnbrokers Association.